Name: David (Jianjun) Li

Firstname: David (Jianjun)

Title: Biometrician

Institution: Merck Research Labs

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Country: USA

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Authors: Shanti S. Gupta and David (Jianjun) Li

Title: On empirical Bayes procedures for selecting good populations in positive exponential family

Abstract: The problem of selecting good ones compared with a control from $k (\ge 2)$ positive exponential family populations is considered in this paper. A nonparametric empirical Bayes approach is used to construct the selection procedures. It has been shown that the risks of the empirical Bayes procedures converge to the (minimum) Bayes risk with a rate of $O({1/n})$, where $n$ is the number of accumulated past observations at hand. Simulations were carried out to study the performance of the procedures for small to moderate values of $n$. The results of this study are provided in the paper.