Name: Cheung

Firstname: Siu Hung

Title: Associate Professor

Institution: Department of Statistics, Chinese University of Hong Kong

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Authors: Siu Hung CHEUNG (Chinese University) Koon Shing KWONG (National University of Singapore)

Title: Multiple Comparisons with a control in families with both one-sided and two-sided hypotheses

Abstract: Dunnett (1955) procedure is extended to cases where in a particular family of inferences comparing $k$ treatments with a control, both one-sided and two-sided inferences are present. Selected critical values are also tabulated for the implementation of our proposed procedure. A discussion of the numerical method to compute critical values are provided. Finally, an illustrative example with sample data extracted from a medical experiment is examined.

References: Dunnett, C. W. (1955). A Multiple Comparison Procedure for Comparing Several Treatments with a Control. {\it Journal of the American Statistical Association}, {\bf 50}, 1096-1121. Dunnett, C. W. (1989). Multivariate Normal Probability Integrals with Product Correlation Structure. {\it Applied Statistics}, {\bf 38}, 564-579. Bok, S. H. , Shin, Y. W. , Bae, K. H. , Jeong, T. S. , Kwon, Y. K. , Park, Y. B. and Choi, M. S. (2000). Effects of Naringin and Lovastatin on Plasma and Hepatic Lipids in High-Fat and High-Cholesterol Fed Rats. {\it Nutrition Research}, {\it Vol. 20}, {\bf No. 7}, 1007-1015.